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Thermochemical Fluids in Greenhouse Farming

3rd General Assembly in Italy

On 10th-11th of May 2022, TheGreeFa consortium met in Follonica (Italy) to discuss progress of the project and prepare for the oncoming review meeting after the first 18 months of the project duration.

On the first day, the technical work packages were discussed. There were discussed the last results achieved in terms of TheGreeFa technologies and activities performed in the demonstrators in Switzerland and Tunisia. After the long meeting, the partner met for dinner at evening.

The second day was focused on dissemination activities and discussion on evaluation of environmental, techno-economic and social impacts of TheGreeFa project. Then Sfera Agricola, the project partner and organiser of the meeting in Italy invited the rest of partners for sightseeing of their facilities where the meeting took place too.

The participants of the 3rd GA took a tour of the greenhouses od Sfera Agricola, where tomato greenhouse cultivation and its operation were presented. Sfera Agricola is one of the biggest tomato producers in Italy and the biggest one in the Tuscany region.