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Thermochemical Fluids in Greenhouse Farming

TheGreefa Swiss workshop

On 13/09/2023, TheGreefa coordinator ZHAW and the demonstration partner – Meyer Orchideen AG organised the workshop in Switzerland. The event was organised in collaboration with the Swiss Federal Office for Energy (SI 502038-01 and SI 502013-01) which takes part in funding part of TheGreefa activities too.

The workshop started on Wednesday morning in the Meyer Orchideen AG greenhouse near Zurich. After the first presentation of Meyer, its actions and systems implemented in the greenhouse the participants took part in the greenhouse tour to see with their own eyes the work done in the project.

TheGreefa was also presented in terms of the project’s membership in the AREA ZERO cluster where other EU-funded projects work together for a more efficient and defossilised agricultural sector in the EU.

After the greenhouse visit, the participants were offered with lunch buffet also giving an opportunity for networking talks.

In the afternoon, the event participants were transferred by the organisers to Winterthur where the second part of the workshop started with short presentations about ZHAW, its research activities and developed technologies. Then people were invited for a tour presenting the ZHAW buildings – laboratories and research and test facilities – where they can see for example the final prototype of TheGreefa dryer.

The workshop was completed with an aperitif for all the present and another networking opportunity.