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Thermochemical Fluids in Greenhouse Farming

Case study in Italy

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Based on the market evaluation, the solutions of energy technology selected in the project will be simulated in Sfera’s Greenhouse (South of Toscany – Italy) and with regards of two representative crops (tomato and basil).


Sfera’s greenhouse system, represents the high technology system and represent one of the new method of high quality agriculture production. It performs a case study with water recovery and energy efficiency in greenhouses.

The case study of the Sfera company represents an ideal example of the challenges of intensive and high quality Mediterranean agriculture, particularly in the important challenge areas of water and energy efficiency. Sfera's case study will be able to analyse the collected data in its company and share them with partner universities and companies.

The aim of the case study activities will therefore be to analyse the data collected during the year, depending on the climatic variations and the cultural needs of the greenhouse, in order to define the best design needs to further reduce energy costs and improve quality and productivity.

An economic analysis of the production cost of the application will be carried out through the company data. This analysis takes into account all the production costs of tomatoes and basil (inputs necessary for crops, work and investments) and the Sfera’s income (production and selling price).

The aim of the activites in the Italian case study will be also the identification of new partners and to define how to apply this technology on new greenhouses.