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Thermochemical Fluids in Greenhouse Farming

Case study in Spain

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Based on the market evaluation, the three solutions of energy technology selected in the project will be simulated in the Almería region (Southeast Mediterranean coast of Spain) and with regards of two representative crops (tomato and cucumber).


Farming system in Almeria, represents the largest concentration of greenhouses in Europe and one of the key intensive agriculture poles in the world. It performs a case study with water recovery and energy efficiency in greenhouses.

The Almería case study represents an ideal example of the challenges of the Mediterranean intensive agriculture, particularly in the important challenge areas of water and energy efficiency. The case study in Almería will be supported by the network of farmers’ associations that the University of Almería is linked to, namely, the Association of Exporters and the Irrigation Users Community.

According with the described impact, the studies take into consideration the energy performance and the related costs as well as the improvement in the productivity and reduction of water consumption, pesticides and fertilisers.

Energy performance of the three solutions considered in the project for the climatic conditions of Almería will be analysed using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations. The CFD model provides information of the effect of different solutions on inside air temperature, humidity, velocity, CO2 concentration and in plant photosynthesis. Two of the most representative crops cultivated in greenhouses of Almería will be considered, tomato and cucumber. In the same way, two greenhouse types will be modelled with CFD, roof pitched Almería-type greenhouses and curved roof multi-spans greenhouses.

An economic analysis of production cost of the application of the different solutions will be carried out based on the technical-economic data collected through a survey through direct interviews with farmers of Almería. This analysis takes into consideration all the costs of tomato and cucumber production (inputs required for crop, labor and investment) and the income of farmers (production and price of sale).