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Thermochemical Fluids in Greenhouse Farming

Hyperborea Srl

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Hyperborea s.r.l, placed in Pisa within Navacchio Scientific and Technological Pole, was established in 1995. It is well situated in the public administration market sector with many public administrations as customers (Local and Regional Authorities), supplying products and services including environmental information system, CMS, automated procedures on Workflow management systems. Hyperborea s.r.l. is continuing in acting as a reference for the design and development of environmental data bases, decision support systems, IOT solutions and for the solution of any kind of system integration problem may arise within companies and administrations. Current customers include Regional Agencies for Environment Protection, regional governments (Tuscany, Sardinia, Veneto, etc.), municipalities and companies in Italy.

Hyperborea is compliant with OGC standards and has duly taken in INSPIRE directive. The company took part to H2020 Entropy ( aimed at designing an innovative energy-aware ecosystem for motivating behavioural changes towards the adoption of energy efficient lifestyles. Hyperborea is President of the ICT department of Regional and National Italian confederation of crafts and SMEs and is a member of Tuscany R&D Regional Clusters.

– The District of Technologies for Sustainable Cities to strengthen research activities between Centres of Scientific Excellence and the Industrial sector
– The Innovation ICT & Robotics Pole promoting the technology transfer and university-industry cooperation in ICT & Robotics Research fields.
Finally, in the past Hyperborea s.r.l. joined the Italian CleanWeb Community.

Role in the project
HYPER will mainly contribute to dissemination and communication activities, and Stakeholders engagement for future marketability. It will also support the other partners in the project’s solution comprehensive assessment.