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Thermochemical Fluids in Greenhouse Farming


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IZNAB is a dynamic SME providing services in fields of Engineering and Consultancy. In interest of the company are subjects regarding Energy-efficient Buildings, Smart & Green Transport, Clean & Green Energy, Nano-Bio-Technology. IZNAB objective is to provide innovative solutions in a highly competitive market. The company has the most specialised engineers with experience to provide an adapted service which fulfils all of their client’s requirements. Their services, amongst others, include: characterization of innovative materials/complex structure, application of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) into the modelling of industrial processes and equipment, as well as in buildings. IZNAB achieves this using simulation programs, such as TRNSYS, and SimaPro.

Role in the project
In TheGreefa project, IZNAB is responsible for coordination of dissemination and communication activities, as well as for performing environmental assessment and technoeconomic evaluation (LCC and LCA).