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Thermochemical Fluids in Greenhouse Farming

Strane Innovation SA

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Strane Innovation is an SME start-up factory specialized in the sectors of sustainable development (energy, water, transport, environment, smart systems). Strane creates independent start-up companies based on technologies proven at lab or pilot scale, by assessing in detail the technologies and the market, developing a complete business concept, managing the legal creation and developing entirely the start-up companies (staffing, business development, management of operations, investors’ relations, company administration…). Strane Innovation is developing “The Lab” that aims at making methodological knowledge and practices transferable across fields. Strane Innovation is developing research on social cognition, human factor, collective intelligence, industrial symbiosis, industrial efficiency, multi-sensors metrology, innovative business models for eco-systemic services, a techno-economic assessment of the circular economy, spatial data mining, flooding models, territorial gamification (WebGis).

STRANE’s experience is focused on the following areas:
• Business and creation of Start-up: STRANE also has two other units (“The Start-up Studio” and the “Growth Center”) that are working on the research of new start-up projects and the development of these startups. Strane is a full partner and takes part in operational development. As of Dec 2020, STRANE has created 3 start-ups on i) smart multi-sensors data fusion for industrial applications, ii) on total performance assessment and monitoring for industrial sites, iii) on industrial symbiosis and creation of sustainable industrial synergies. It has more than ten ongoing start-up projects on industrial symbiosis, environmental impact assessment, circular economy, nature-based solutions, micro-energy, logistics, thermal assessment
of buildings or indoor positioning.
• Innovation, Exploitation and European projects: Strane develops internal business research to anticipate and adapt quickly to future opportunities, increase the efficiency of its innovation management processes and source high-potential start-up projects. Strane is involved in 17 European projects total: 15 H2020 projects, 1 ITN Maris Curie Project and 1 Interreg Atlantic Area project distributed in 4 different areas: i) Industrial symbiosis & performance, ii) Environment (water Nexus, Digital solutions for water management, NBS, Circular Economy, agriculture, Blue Economy), iii) Social cognition (technology acceptance, Trust in science) and iv) Cybersecurity.


Role in the project
Strane will be working on the Work Package 3 and Work Package 4 bringing contributions on:
• The market evaluation,
• The Case Studies,
• Techno-economic evaluation,
• Socioeconomic evaluation and policy recommendations,
• Technological potential and path to the market,
• Exploitation strategy and roadmap to start-up creation,
• IPR management.