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Thermochemical Fluids in Greenhouse Farming

University of Almeria

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The University of Almeria (UAL) is a research-education oriented public university, founded in 1993. It has currently 31 degrees available and more than 13.000 students, including more than 640 doctorate students. UAL has a modern infrastructure, state-of-the-art laboratories, and most importantly an experimental station for agronomic trials, which is equipped with sophisticated greenhouses to grow plants in optimal conditions. The University of Almeria is highly specialized in agrifood sciencies, as Almeria is a leading fruit and vegetable production cluster in the world and one of the most prominent warm-climate greenhouse benchmarks in the world.

Work within the project will be carried out by researchers of the Research Center on Mediterranean Intensive Agrosystems and Agrifood Biotechnology (CIAIMBITAL) of the University of Almería. The CIAIMBITAL Research Center is the largest research unit of the University of Almería, with more than 250 researchers and more than 20 Research Groups. It integrates the research activities of the University of Almería in the fields of agricultural sciences. The Research Center accounts for 70% of the research projects and research funding volume of the University of Almería, in line with the strong specialization of the University of Almería in the field of agricultural sciences.

Role in the project
The University of Almeria performs case studies and support all the activities thanks its knowledge about the agriculture