This project is aimed at a new technology for heating, cooling, air humidity control and water recovery in greenhouses as well as for drying of agricultural goods using thermochemical conversion principles based on the use of salt solutions.

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Within two different demonstrators in Central European Climate (heating) and Mediterranean Climate (cooling, water recovery and desalination) the technology is tested, further developed and

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See TheGreefa Training Programme to learn about the final project results. Learn the technologies developed and how they have been demonstrated. Download the Training Manual
or watch our training video presentations.

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TheGreeFa video

What TheGreeFa does and why it is needed

Today, greenhouse horticulture is related to the highest productivity of all common methods in agriculture. The energy consumption, especially for heating purposes in Central Europe are still high, while in Southern Europe, growing water shortages will force to use seawater desalination, which may also cause a quantum leap in energy demand.
TheGreeFa proposes solutions for greenhouse farming that recover the latent heat of the humid air, that otherwise is not used, and pure water from the humidity.

Increase of energy
efficiency / reduction of
energy consumption

Large use of renewable

Cost savings

Similar or correlated projects



H-DisNet (H2020, 2016-2019)

Development and demonstration of technologies based on climate- and humidity control using TCF. Though, mainly focused on buildings and industry (heating, cooling, humidity control and industrial drying), it also focuses on the greenhouse industry as a main demand side user.

“Energy Network Berlin Adlershof”

It is focused on building climate control using façade- and rooftop greenhouses as
a source of heat energy.

GreyWaCool (AIF and German Ministry

It will provide important information about the potential use of the evaporation
cooling during greywater treatment

“Sorptiv low temperature dryer (Innosuisse, no. 34634.1 INNO-EE)

Feasibility study of a low temperature dryer for herbs production for tea. The main focus was to the selection of TCF and to calculation of the energy saving potential and storage volume.

Networking European Farms to Enhance Cross Fertilisation and Innovation Uptake through Demonstration (NEFERTITI). H2020- RUR-2017-1

Networking and demonstration of European agricultural holdings with a focus on building innovation and knowledge building among agricultural holdings.

Energy Optimisation in European Greenhouses (GREENNERGY). COLLCT- 2015-012566

Study of energy-optimization routes in European intensive agriculture.

Watergy, A Novel Humid-air-collector System For Combined Water Treatment, Space-cooling And -heating: NNE5/683/2001

Water cycling by using day/night thermal storage as a base for evapocondensation in closed greenhouse

Cycler Support RTD FP 6 - INCO, #031697

Comparison of new greenhouse technologies aimed at water recovery

“Greenhouse based desalination for sustainable agriculture in desert climate”, German Ministry of Research and STDF Egypt (01DH12009)

Evapo-condensation in greenhouses using desiccant cycle