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Thermochemical Fluids in Greenhouse Farming

Concept for a fully automated control system and operating manual

The public report D1.3 has been developed. It presents TheGreefa demonstrator installed in the greenhouse of Meyer Orchideen AG for the operator of the greenhouse. The purpose of the report is to be useful for the operators of the greenhouse to understand the plant, what they have to look for during the operation and give also instructions to start and switch the plant. It is a sort of operating manual.

A brief introduction is given to the absorption processes based on the contact between humid air and salt solutions (hereafter referred to as thermochemical fluids or TCF) and how the absorption processes can be used to control air temperature and humidity.

In addition, the main components of the installed sorptive air conditioning system are presented. With the support of the Piping and Instrumentation Diagram, the demonstrator installed in the Meyer’s greenhouse is described: the process, the control concept, the control system and the independent safety system.

For all the public, the report can help to understand the overall concept of TheGreefa system, its functionalities and operation requirements. This public report will be made available on TheGreefa website as soon as its contents have been approved by the European Commission.