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Thermochemical Fluids in Greenhouse Farming

Moragues and Scade Abogados

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MAS Abogados (est. 1993) is based in Bilbao (Spain) and holds a wide professional team of lawyers specialized in administrative law. For over 25 years MAS has worked on Special Administrative Law, covering different areas of activity such as Urban development, Environment, Governance, Stakeholders Involvement and Transport/Mobility, Energy and Electricity Sector, Mines, mountains, water. The skills of the team of lawyers comprise both classical aspects of law and innovative aspects of business activity such as: Consulting experts, Design Strategic City Plans, Conflict management, Legal Pleading, Legal Mediation, Participatory Approaches, Legal Education, Smart cities. MAS advises various public and private entities (Basque Government, Municipalities, Clusters, business associations, companies, etc.) in both the development and implementation of different public policies in relation to the environment, waste management, contaminated soil, climate change, energy efficiency, etc.
MAS’s fields of activity include the following: i. Governance, participatory processes and management models in networks, ii. Reform and Regulate of legal-urban planning, iii. Development of smart cities, iv. Energy management, v. Sustainable transport and mobility, vi. Innovative Public Procurement, vii. Legal and consultancy services in environmental management, viii. Stakeholder engagement. ix. Assessment of risks and opportunities and sustainability programs, x Forest Ecosystem Goods and services, xi Traditional and Industrial Heritage consideration and put in value, xii. Draft Law Proposals (Environment, Soil, Air, Accessibility…).

Role in the project
MAS’s contribution in The Greefa project is on WP3 Comprehensive assessment, specifically on T3.5 Socioeconomic evaluation and policy recommendations.